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FeaturesThe features of skumob.


Record quantities in units, weight, volume, pallets or just about any other type of measurement! The platform accepts decimal entries, which allows easy capture of weight and volume measurements

Multiple Users

Support for multiple users accessing the same data. Having multiple users viewing and checking stock in and out at the same time all in real-time. All Inventory changes are tracked by user, for full transparency

Cloud Database

Your data is stored on secure cloud databases, so you can view and update the data anywhere in the world in real-time. View the exact same real-time data via the web platform or on your smartphone

Multi locations per SKU

The SKUMOB platform supports both Multiple Locations per SKU and Multiple SKU’s per location. To give you the flexibility to layout your warehouse and track your inventory exactly how you prefer. Don’t have ‘bin locations’? Not a problem, you don’t need to use them!

Mobile App

SKUMOB was designed with the Mobile App as the focus for the platform. This ensures you can do everything on the mobile app out in your warehouse, without having to return to the PC to complete actions


View and Extract inventory reports around stock per location/SKU and user tracking data. This data can then be imported into your Accounting or ERP system as required.

cloud mobile inventory management


skumob is the only ‘mobile first’ inventory management platform on the market. The platform has been designed around our world class Android App to allow users to perform all inventory actions out in the warehouse, in real-time, whilst the actions are being performed. Try our platform today on our free 30-day trial!

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1207 Warehouses
625459 SKUs being tracked
27% Average % time Saved

Android Mobile AppOur Native Mobile App

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  • 3 users
  • Unlimted SKUs
  • Unlimited Locations
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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimted SKUs
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Email and Live Chat Support
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