Adding Products and Attributes


The instructions for adding New Products or Attributes are below.


In the PRODUCTS tab you can Add new product or Edit Existing.


Note: You can bulk upload product data. See the Import Data Guide for this process

To Add new ones. Click the Add New Tab

Enter the Barcode Number for the New Product. This is the code you’ll be scanning when receipting, dispatching etc..

This is the only compulsory field. If you wish you can click Create below the form and add this product. Or you can enter any of the optional attributes against the Product,.

adding new products screenshot 2


  • Other SKU Number– THis can be any other reference you have for this Product. Often Products will have a Barcode and SKU Number
  • Name– The Name of the Product
  • Description- The Description of the Product
  • Value- This can be a cost or sale price of your product and can be used to track stock on hand values, if you require this for accounting purposes. Currencies can be set in the SETTINGS tab
  • Supplier- The Vendor name who supplies you the product

All or none of the attributes can be entered and you then click Create to Save. A successful Saved message will appear confirming it has saved.


adding new products screenshot 1



Click the View/Edit button below MANAGE PRODUCTS

To Edit an existing product you can Either select the Barcode from the Drop-down, or Enter the Barcode in the Search Box. Once you have completed either, click the Search button.

edit product screenshot 2


Now you can view any attributes associated with this product in your database. You can select the fields for any of these attributes, edit them and click Save Changes to saved the new data.


edit product screenshot 1