Cycle Counts (Stock Adjustments)


The instructions for Adjusting stock levels are below.

(For instructions on adjusting stock using the Mobile App, please see the Mobile App Section)


To adjust the stock level for a product, find the product and location in the VIEW INVENTORY tab table. You can search by location or barocde/sku in the search box above the table.

Then click the Adjust button next to the Product/Location you wish to adjust.

Extra Tip: You will have to adjust stock at a location level, not product level, if you have the same product at multiple locations. This is because you need to ensure your stock is accurately reflected at each location, by making adjustments at each location individually. If you only have your stock at 1 location each, then this becomes irrelevant and your location stock will always match your total stock. If you don’t use bin-locations, that is ok, you can just create one master location called ‘Warehouse 1’ and hold all your stock in this location


cycle counts screenshot 3


After you click the Adjust button, a popup will appear to the right of the table. Simple type the new quantity you wish to adjust the stock to, in the New Loc Stock field.


cycle counts screenshot 1


Once you’ve entered the new quantity, click Change Quantity. You will then see a message which indicates the changes have been Saved !


cycle counts screenshot 2