Deleting Products

These steps are required if you want to remove a product from a location

If you want keep the product and simply reduce the stock on hand to zero, then use the ‘Cycle Count’ guide instead.


To delete a product, find the product and location in the VIEW INVENTORY tab table. You can search by location or barocde/sku in the search box above the table.

Please note, if you wish to delete a product which is in multiple locations, you will need to remove it from all the locations one by one. This process below will delete the product from the specific location you select only, and keep it in other locations (there are any)

Then click the Delete button next to the Product/Location you wish to adjust.


delete product screenshot

After you click the Delete button, a popup will appear to the right of the table. This popup contains information around the stock levels for this product. Click the Delete to remove the product from this Location. This process will also ZERO out any stock in this location.

In this screenshot example, there is 14 on hand for this product across the warehouse. Although, only 2 in this location. Therefore, deleting this will reduce the stock at this location to Zero and the Total Stock will be changed to 12 ( 14 minus 2).

When you click Delete at the bottom of the popup box, you will see a Successful Saved Message


cycle counts screenshot 2