Dispatching Stock


The instructions for Dispatching stock are below.

(For instructions on Dispatching stock using the Mobile App, please see the Mobile App Section)


Firstly, Select the Barcode Number or SKU Number of the item you with to dispatch from the first drop down.  Once selected, a popup on the right will show the Loction(s) which currently have stock (or have had stock) for this Product, and the respecting stock quantities.

Now select the location you wish to dispatch stock from by clicking the select button next to the relevant location


dispatching screenshot 1


Once you have selected a Location, you can enter a Shipment Number (or any other reference) to tie this dispatch to any other documentation you may have which relates to this movement. This can also be a customer name, or shipping carrier or tracking number  etc.. This field is optional.

The date/time field will default on the current date and time, although you can change this if required



dispatching screenshot 3


Finally, Enter the Quantity in the Qty field. Click on the Dispatch button and you should see a message saying the dispatch was successful !


dispatching screenshot 4


If you enter a quantity greater the total number of available stock in that location, you will get a warning message (see below screenshot). You will still be able to dispatch this stock one you click OK, although it will take your stock on hand to negative.


dispatching screenshot 2