Do I have to add my products or stock one by one?

No, you can use the CSV bulk import. Just log-in and go to the IMPORT DATA tab. Here you can also find the ‘templates’ to use to format your data correctly


What if my warehouse/shop doesn’t have bin-locations, how do I load my data?

Not a problem. If you don’t have bin or storage locations, then you can create one location called “Warehouse 1” or something similar. Then, just receipt all your stock into this 1 location.


Can I set up staging or quality control zones?

Yes we often get asked this. If you ‘stage’ your stock in a location before putting it away and wish to track this, then just set up a location called ‘staging’ or something similar. Receipt your stock into this location. Then when you put the stock away, you can undertake a ‘stock transfer’ to move the stock into the bin-location.


How can I see the product name when I can the item using the app?

Ensure you add the product names to your products using the PRODUCTS tab in the dashboard. You do not need to input all the data against the product (Supplier/Value etc..), although you need to add the NAME field, to have it show in the app when you scan the barcode.