Importing data


The IMPORT DATA tab gives you the option of importing your data in bulk using CSV files.

There are 4 different types of data you can import from CSV files

  1. Stock on Hand- A list of barcodes by location with the associated stock. This is a good option for importing your initial stock when setting up or bulk adding new products. It operations like a cycle count, so any Stock on Hand for products/locations already in your database, will be updated and replaced using the stock quantities in this CSV
  2. Locations- To upload a list of locations. Normally used when you are first setting up your database or you need to create new locations in bulk.
  3. Product Data– Used to upload your new products and any attributes such as Name, or Supplier etc. If you only wish to add the opening stock for new products, you can use the Stock on Hand import , then use the Product Data import at a later date to add the attributes.
  4. Stocktake Results- The import CSV for this will be the output of the stocktake you completed using the Mobile App. This will add/or subtract stock quantities to/from any existing stock on hand data already in your database

Importing the CSV

Importing the data for each of the 4 product types is very similar for each. You can navigate between importing data types using the clickable tabs below UPLOAD DATA


import data screenshot 4


Firstly, each will have a template you can download. Click the Download Import Template CSV. It is recommended you use this template to ensure your CSV is set up correctly. Each template contains sample data to show how it should appear. Ensure you delete this sample data before undertaking any imports. When you make changes to the CSV in Excel or Google Sheets etc…, ensure when it saves it saves as a CSV file when you have completed the changes.

Note: There will be a limit on the number of rows you can upload at one time. This is to ensure the server is not overloaded. You can either upload the data in batches, or contact us if you require uploading of more lines and we can help you with this.

import data screenshot 1


When you are ready to import a file, click the button Click to upload File. Navigate to the file you created and click Open

The CSV will now begin to upload. Remain on this page whilst the upload is being completed

You can track the progress of the upload with the Blue % Bar which will now appear. You may notice the % remains on zero for a period of time. This is normal, the platform is doing checks on the data and preparing it for upload. Once the % bar reaches 100% you will see a Success Message appear below it


import data screenshot 2


In the Upload History tab you can view the list of all the uploads which have been completed and by who.

import data screenshot 3