Receiving Stock


The instructions for Receiving/Receipting stock are below.

(For instructions on Receiving stock using the Mobile App, please see the Mobile App Section)


Firstly Select the Barcode Number or SKU Number of the item you with to receipt from the first drop down. Only Products/SKUs  you have added into your database will appear in this list.

To import/create new products, click on the Product Tab (see Products/attributes sections for instructions on adding products)



Once you have selected a Product, a popup will display on the right. This shows any locations which currently hold stock for this Product, and the quantities. You can either select a location which already has this stock by clicking on the “Select” next to the Location, or if you wish to receipt into a NEW location, then select this location from the Location drop-down (below the barcode drop-down).

Please note. If your warehouse/shop does not have bin or storage locations, then you can create one location called “Warehouse 1” or something similar. Then, just receipt all your stock into this 1 location.


receiving instructions 4

If you wish to create a new location at this stage (e.g. if the location you wish to receipt into doesn’t yet exist in your database, you can easily do this by clicking NEW, next to the Location drop-down. A popup will appear where you can enter the new location Number. Then press Enter to add this location to your database


receiving instructions 2

Once you have selected a Location, you can enter a PO Number (or any other reference) to tie this receipt to any other documentation you may have which relates to this movement. This field is optional.

The date/time field will default on the current date and time, although you can change this if required

Finally, Enter the Quantity in the Qty field. Click on the Receipt button and you should see a message saying the receipt was successful !

receiving instructions 3