Stock Transfers


The instructions for Stock Transfer stock are below.

(For instructions on Stock Transfers stock using the Mobile App, please see the Mobile App Section)

These steps cover moving stock from bin-location in your warehouse to another


Firstly Select the From Location for the product you with to transfer from the first drop down. Once you have selected this, a box below the drop-down will appear showing all the Products in this location. Click the select button next to the product you wish to move


stock transfer screenshot 2


When this is clicked, a box to the right will appear.

Select the To Location  you wish to transfer the stock to from the drop-down. The box to the right will now show both the stock on hand for the existing location and new location.

Enter the Quantity of stock to move in the Quantity field.

Finally, click Transfer and you will see a message indicated the move was saved.

stock transfer screenshot 1


If you transfer all the stock out of a Location, the Product will still be associated with the old location and show Zero stock in the reports and stock summaries. You may wish to keep this as-is if you intend on receipting stock into that location again in the future.

If you wish to remove the product from the old location completely, then follow the steps in the Delete a Product Instructions.