Using Locations (BIN or Warehouse)


Locations are normally bin-locations or storage locations without your warehouse or shop. Although you can also use location to represent your multiple warehouses or stores. e.g. Store 1, Store 2, Store 3 etc…Essentially, they are flexible and how you use them depend on how you wish to organize your stock.

Tip: If your warehouse/shop does not have bin or storage locations, then you can create one location called “Warehouse 1” or something similar. Then, just receipt all your stock into this 1 location.

In the LOCATIONS tab you can create new locations, view stock in existing locations and delete locations.


Adding a New Location

Note: You can bulk upload locations. See the Import Data Guide for this process

Click the LOCATIONS tab. This screen will show a list of your current locations. Click the Add New Button above this list. A box will appear to the right. Enter the Locatino Code/Name and Click Add Location. A saved message will confirm it was saved.

locations screenshot 2

Viewing Stock in a Location

Click the View Stock Button next to the Location you wish to view the stock in. A box will appear to the right listing all the Products currently in this Location and the Stock on Hand

locations screenshot 3

Deleting a Location

Click the Trash Can Icon next to the Location you wish to delete.

You will see a Warning Message. You should remove any stock from within that location BEFORE deleting the Location. You can do this using a Stock Transfer or Cycle Count Depending on where your stock has gone. Otherwise, you risk having inaccurate reporting for your stock levels if you delete a location which still has stock in it.

Click the Delete button to remove the location. A saved message will confirm it was saved.

locations screenshot 4