Viewing and Exporting Data


Below are the steps to both View your Inventory data and Export it into a CSV


The Main table under VIEW INVENTORY lists all your products by location. You can also search this table but entering the location or barcode number in the search field above the table and clicking Search. Click Reset to remove the filter and show all data


view data screenshot 1

You can view your Inventory by product  by selecting By Product from the drop-down menu. This is particularly useful if you have the same product across multiple locations as it gives a view of the total inventory across all those locations. Clicking view Details next to a product produces a box to the right with the Product Attributes for the selected product.

The traffic lights beside each product indication products with zero stock.

view data screenshot 2



Exporting data is a simple process. In the top right of the by location Inventory table, click the download button

A pop up will appear indication the data is being organised for export


view data screenshot 3


Once the data is available, click Save as CSV to save your data to your PC


view data screenshot 4